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Spiritual Care, The Broken Heart, What Realm Is It In?

July 2019







Hello there, Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here and I would like to welcome you to NAASCA’S Together We Can Heal Blog.  This Month’s Blog is Spiritual Care, THE BROKEN HEART, What Realm Is It In?  In this latest Blog, the Realm of THE BROKEN HEART is going to be explored to help us as adults to be healed from the lasting effects of childhood abuse.  Most of Adult Survivors still have A BROKEN HEART and yet they don’t know where it is, how to heal it, what Broke it, Was it ever NOT BROKEN ?  These are deep questions each one needs to ponder and explore.


Oh, you have never thought about this before, well most have not.  Yet, In in our deep thoughts we all want to believe that even after one’s physical earthly existence has ended, we all hope and believe that there is something more for us and that we and others live on in some form and in some place/a realm of peace, joy, love and beauty.  That deep desire of one’s heart ( what ever part of us that is ) is trying to believe in a realm/place/world what one sees, can touch, and that is beyond time itself.  One’s Heart seems to live in one world that can be destroyed by death, by Fire, by Water, My Disease, and yet somewhere in the deep recesses on one’s hidden thoughts there seems to be a hope that life goes on, different in some way, but the same.  So, I ask you which realm IS A BROKEN HEART IN?  

So, this Blog is to help you to begin to believe again, to bring to life again, to re-discover that deep hidden realm of The Spirit, where you, The Forever Person live and that This FOREVER PERSON has also been abused through childhood abuse and trauma of any kind and THAT IT’S HEART HAS BEEN BROKEN, WOUNDED, TORN INTO SO MANY PIECES AND NEEDS HEALING.


This Blog brings with it THE SONGS OF AGAPE LOVE To The Forever Person.  Sweet, Gentle Songs That ONLY THE FOREVER PERSON CAN HEAR in, even through THE BROKENNESS OF A HEART.  A SONG of Gentle Words of Agape Love that bring Rays of Love to the BROKEN HEART AND ALL OF THE AREAS IT WAS TORN, WOUNDED AND STRUCK WITH ARROWS AND KNIVES.



Even the Living Flowers in the Realm of The FOREVER PERSON, Sing The Songs Of Healing In Rays of Colors beyond one’s earthly senses and these Songs of The Living Flowers travel on the Music of Light of Majesty and Glory.  Their Songs Of Healing To The BROKEN, WOUNDED AND FRIGHTENED HEART could be heard softly and gently above the Raging Seas of Pain and The Silent Tears of Abandonment and Rejection, above the Winds of Fear and the Roars of The Creatures of The Night that come to vex and torment the BROKEN AND WOUNDED Heart over and over.  Oh, you  didn’t know that FLOWERS SING?  Do they have Fragrances?  Yes!  Sweet Fragrances that only the senses of the FOREVER PERSON can smell.

What Realm IS THE BROKEN HEART IN?  Could one have two hearts that are broken and need healing?  Maybe there are 3 Hearts!  What 3 Hearts, That CANN’T BE TRUE, can it?  Listen can your FOREVER PERSON’S Heart EVEN though IT IS BROKEN hear the soft, gentle Song of Agape Love To You?  They, The Flowers are singing to your BROKEN HEART. No, they are not!  I can’t hear anything.  Sweetie, which of your 3 HEARTS are you listening with?  Yes, I said 3.  You have a Physical Heart of Flesh that beats, correct?  That is right, and now what about your HIDDEN HEART OF YOUR SOUL?  The one you know the best. The one that is SO VERY BROKEN AND HAS NOT EVEN BEEN HEALED TO THIS DAY.  

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word BROKEN as

  1.  Without Something
  2.   Separated Violently into parts;  damaged or altered

The word BROKEN HEARTED I is defined as

  1.  Overcome by grief or despair

The word HEART is defined as

  1. The hallow primary usular organ of ventebrates which circulates blood throug the body.
  2.  The Emotional centerm such as love, hate, consideration or compassion.

The word HEARTACHE is defined as

  1. Emotional Grief, sorrow or mental anguish.

Now just take a few minutes and ponder what PART OF YOU HAS BEEN BROKEN, WHICH HEART OF YOU HAS BEEN BROKEN?  If you can not figure out which one of YOUR 3 HEARTS have been BROKEN, how can you bring HEALING to YOUR BROKEN HEART if you don’t know which one is BROKEN?

Now ask yourself a very deep question, NOT ONLY WHAT HEART OF YOU IS BROKEN AND THEN WHAT REALM IS IT IN?

Also, could YOUR BROKENNESS OF YOUR HEART BE IN TWO REALMS?  The Realm of the Soul/The Heart/Mind that is effected by Biological Chemicals, Earthly Emotions, Personal Circumstances, Physical Events, or The REALM OF THE SPIRIT WITH THE HIDDEN FOREVER PERSON AND THIS PERSON’S HEART?

While you are pondering this I want to bring to you something wonderful and from out of the REALM OF THE SPIRIT.  To help you to discover which REALM THIS BROKENNESS IS IN that is not yet healed and has still remained wounded, broken, unhealed and not whole yet. There are still poisons and toxins in this HEART THAT IS BROKEN, but I have brought some medicine from The REALM OF THE SPIRIT for the FOREVER PERSON OF THE SPIRIT. hb

Shh, listen, can you hear the SONGS OF THE FLOWERS?  For they are SINGING Love Songs to You, THE FOREVER PERSON and your spiritual HEART.  Songs of Agape Love and Hope that travel on the Rays of The Colors of The Rainbow. Yes, These Flowers Can and Do Sing for they Are The Living Flowers of The Garden of Eden. Oh, you don’t believe that Flowers can Sing?  Why Not?  Has your Spiritual Heart Forgotten?  Is your Imagination Dead?  Is your faith in the unbelievable non-existent?

Oh, you have never heard them before. Maybe you were not listening for them.  They sing songs of Agape Love to your SPIRITUAL HEART and bring with the Rays of Music, Deliverance, Freedom and Healing.  Yes, I said Healing.  How can a Song heal a BROKEN HEART? If the BROKEN HEART is of the REALM OF THE SPIRIT, then ONLY THE MEDICINE OF THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT CAN BRING HEALING TO THE BROKEN HEART.  But before a HEART can be HEALED, The Songs will cast out, destroy all the toxins of bitterness and anger, and cleanse It in Glorious Rays of Glistening Light to Wash and Cleanse the areas from that which has been infecting and causing the SPIRITUAL HEART not to be healed. Then the Songs of The Flowers will bring honor back for dishonor and Value for shame.  Beauty again for Ashes.  Life will return to the SPIRITUAL HEART and the Song of Agape Love will bring the HEALING THAT ONLY IT CAN.

Listen, They are singing Their Songs of Agape Love To You, Precious FOREVER ONE in the dark realm of the Spirit.  Yes, that is them.  Can you hear their sweet tender songs of Agape Love to you?  Yes, what you feel is Agape Love doing what only IT can do in a SPIRITUAL HEART of THE FOREVER PERSON. Yes, you will notice a difference in your thoughts and feelings of the soul.  For It too will be touched by The Songs of The Flowers.  Yes, the tears will come and come and you will smile again deep on the inside where The FLOWERS ARE SINGING TO YOUR SPIRIUTAL HEART. Yes, you will be different, for when AGAPE LOVE COMES, all that is not of IT is pushed out and HEALING COMES TO A BROKEN HEART OF THE SPIRIT, THE FOREVER PERSON.

Enjoy and believe

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah, Agape Love, Love Is Here





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