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Mickey’s Great Plan, GET THE AX!

July 20, 2019

Little One, Little One – Yes Sir, Time to wake up and walk and talk again.  Ok, Sir.  Are you going to tell me more about Mickey?  Yes, Little One, I am.

Little One, do you remember where we left off with Mickey?  Yes Sir, I do – Mickey had been sleeping and dreaming and got woke up from his dream of being a Supreme Sorcerer with Great Power by water splashing in the room and getting him all wet.  yes, Little one that is correct.

And Mickey saw the BROOM continuing to fill it’s buckets with water and pouring the water into the magic pool. The BROOM had continued to obey the commands of Mickey even while Mickey was sleeping and dreaming.  Now, the Magic Pool was overflowing and filling up the room with water.  So, Mickey shouted at the Broom to STOP – but it wouldn’t.  It just kept right on going, filling up the it’s buckets with water from the fountain and taking them to the magic pool to pour the water in. It didn’t stop?  No, Little One it didn’t.  What did Mickey do?  He tried COMMANDING THE BROOM TO STOP trying to use the STOLEN POWER of the HAT OF MAGICMUTATIS Mickey Commanded for he was frantic and frightened. Then What?

That is where we stopped last time.  Yes, Sir it is.  Now listen, Little One to more of the story of Mickey and his Hidden Heart.  Mickey’s hidden heart was now very frantic, fearful at what was going on and it was trying to fix this problem that was happening.  But nothing Mickey said wearing the Hat of Magic worked, THE BROOM JUST KEPT ON GOING.  Then Mickey’s hidden heart came up with a plan.

Micky grabbed an AX from off the wall waited for THE BROOM to return with it’s buckets full of water on it’s way to the Magic Pool.  Then as THE BROOM PASSED him he raised up his arms and –  he chopped THE BROOM into a thousand pieces – splinters !  THE BROOM had been stopped and broken into thousands of pieces of wood and was just laying on the floor.

Mickey’s hidden heart was silent and he just gazed at THE BROOM that was now chopped into thousands of pieces just lying on the floor.

What happend, Your Majesty?

Suddenly, to Mickey’s great surprise each splinter of THE BROOM jumped up off the floor, sprouted arms and legs – and became a BROOM!  Each splinter NOW WAS A BROOM with arms and legs and two WATER BUCKETS filled with water!

How could that happen Sir ?

Little One – Power is the ability to change and transform, to create and to design at the Commands of The One Wearing the HAT OF MAGIC through Words, or movements of the hands, or even just one thoughts.  But when the Power has been STOLEN, TAKEN WITHOUT TRAINING, WITHOUT SUPERVISION, WITHOUT PROPER EDUCATION on the PROPER USE, an APPRENTICE finds out THE BAD, UNPREDICABLE UNCONTROLLABLE Part of the Power That is There Through The HAT OF MAGIC.  

STOLEN POWER for the ONLY PURPOSE of the Desires of the Hidden Heart to be FAMOUS, POWERFUL, GREAT, MAGNIFICENT, and not for the good of Humanity and others BECOMES UNAUTHORIZED, UNRIGHTEOUS, ILLEGAL Power and Authority.  When a hidden heart only desires to make itself feel better and not feel depressed, sad that is the soil and seeds of Disaster and Trouble

THE BROOM had multiplied and now had become AN ARMY OF BROOMS!  Hundreds of BROOMS marching from the well to the Magic Pool and back again.  The BROOM was still OBEYING the Original COMMANDS of Mickey to FILL THE BUCKETS AND POUR THE WATER INTO THE MAGIC POOL.  So, now THE THOUSANDS OF BROOMS, THE ARMY of BROOMS was obeying the ORDERS  OF MICKEY!  

Poor Mickey had truly been awoken out of his DREAM OF BEING THE SUPREME SOCERER of the Universe.  These dreams were GONE and all that remained to deal with was this terrible, frightening, unending situation of THE BROOM!

The frightened Mickey, The Untrained APPRENTICE who had no Education, knowledge or had any supervision as to all the possible consequences that could happen was overwhelmed and so frantic.

Oh, Little One, how quickly the Hidden Heart of Mickey CHANGED!

Sir, Yes, Little One, Did Mickey fix this problem?  No, Little One, he didn’t.  The problem of THE BROOM just got worse, but that is for another day.  Ok.

What I want you to learn, Little One today is this –  When one’s soul and it’s hidden heart feels devalued, powerless, not happy, not respected just feeling as a slave and not important and it is angry at this lack of recognition and power, IT WILL STEAL these DESIRED AND COVETED Feelings from STOLEN POWER OF ANOTHER. One’s hidden heart WILL STEAL ANOTHER’S POWER AND AUTHORITY for itself to acquire the desired feelings it wants to feel.

The hidden heart covets and lusts AFTER RECOGNITIN, POWER and AUTHORITY so much IT WILL DO whatever is NECESSARY to get the OBJECT OF THE DESIRES/THE LUST/THE COVENTING for it’s self!  And then out of this SOIL OF THE HIDDEN HEART things are done, experiences happen, dreams occur and bad things begin.

Yes, Sir, I can see that.  I am going to think about all this some more, Ok?  Yes, Little One, you do that as we walk today. Ok.

Your Heavenly Father.




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