Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Mickey Wakes Up

July 2019


Wake up Little One, Time to walk and talk.  Ok, Your Majesty.  Are you going to tell me more about Mickey and his dream?  Yes, Little One I am.

Do you remember where we left Mickey, Little One?  Yes Sir, he was dreaming and was so happy and content in his dream or him being a Powerful Sorcerer and Commanding The Water to Rise and Roar.  Mickey’s hidden heart was so happy, pleased and full of great pride of his Magical Power of The Hat of Magic – The Stolen Power – and it’s Power to MUTATE Things To Command Things to OBEY His Commands – Oh such joy and rejoicing his hidden heart was feeling as it dreamed and was able to express itself in it’s STOLEN POWER in his dreams of the Realm of the spirit.

But Mickey’s Dreams were INTERRUPTED!!  How, your Majesty?  By the reality of the earthly world!  Remember, Mickey had ORDERED the MUTATED BROOM to FILL THE BUCKETS with Water from the Well and to take the water to the Magic Pool and empty the water in there.  Yes, I do remember that Sir.

But Little One, in Mickey’s Dreams in The Realm of Dreams, In The Realm of The Spirit, Mickey’s hidden heart forgot the REALM OF THE EARTH and how he left it with THE MUTATED BROOM still doing what it was COMMANDED to do with the WATER, FILL THE MAGIC POOL WITH WATER!!  And The MUTATED BROOM was still DOING JUST THAT as Mickey was Sleeping and Dreaming.

So, Little One, The Reality of the earthly world and The Realm of Mickey’s Dream MET HEAD ON!!!   SPLASH   The Water from the Realm of The Earth was now FILLING the Whole Room where the Magic Pool was, for the MUTATED BROOM HAD NEVER STOPPED obeying The commands of Mickey To Fill The Magic Pool with water from the buckets!

The Magic Pool of Water was now overflowing.  The MUTATED BROOM had been FAITHFULLY OBEYING the Commands of Mickey.  What Did Mickey do, Sir?  Well, Little One, He rushed to the BROOM and SHOUTED STOP!  Did the Broom Stop?  No, Little One, it did not!!

But why?  Mickey did not know why the BROOM would not stop.  The BROOM just marched right over Mickey and kept filling up the Magic Pool of Water from the Buckets.

Oh, Mickey CRIED OUT, MUTATES!!! But The BROOM did not OBEY Mickey it just kept filling it’s buckets with water and pouring them into the Magic Pool.

What happened, your Majesty?  Mickey became very fearful and frantic to STOP The Broom for The Water was overflowing the room – So his hidden heart had a plan –

Mickey got an ax from the wall and would chop the Broom into pieces. His hidden heart just knew this would stop the broom!

Did it work, Sir?

That will be for another day of  the story, Little One.  What I want you to learn from this part of Mickey’s Story is

  1.  That a hidden heart of the soul can cause great problems for itself and others and these things can get out of control.
  2.   And that one can live in one’s hidden heart in a dream world that is not the Truth of the Reality of The soul.
  3.   And that – Power and Authority that is STOLEN and one has not been released to use it or borrow it, the hidden heart will not know how to use This Power and Authority without causing problems for itself and others

I want you to just think about this part of the story of Mickey and The Hat of Magic as we walk today.  Ok, I have a lot to think about today for sure Sir.  Yes, Little One, you do.  But now, lets just walk and enjoy the walk.

Ok, Sir.

Your Heavenly Father.




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