Sunday, January 26, 2020

Commanding The Stars & Planets

June 2019


Hello Little One, Hello Your Majesty, What story are you going to tell me today?  A Very good one, Little One.  Do you remember where we left Mickey?  Yes, Sir – Sleeping and beginning to dream.  That Is Right.  Little one, Mickey began to sleep as he leaned back in the Master Sorcerer’s Chair, wearing The Stolen Hat of Magic and while the Mutated Broom is obeying the Command of Mickey who was wearing the Hat of Magic to FILL UP THE BUCKETS WITH WATER AND POUR THEM INTO THE MAGIC WELL.

So, Mickey began to dream you are right Little One.  He began to dream, but he actually became aware of the Realm of the Spirit for his conscious awareness was not awake to interfere with his spirit and it’s awareness and his hidden man’s heart could be free to live in the world of itself and it’s thoughts, concepts, ideas, feelings and desires.  Mickey’s dreams became spiritual reflections of his own thoughts and concepts of himself.  For Little One, there is a great and powerful rule in the Realm of the Spirit, which is AS ONE THINKS IN ONE’S HEART ( THE DEEPLY HIDDEN MAN OF THE SOUL ) so HE IS!!!!  One’s Thoughts and Ideas, Imaginations and Feelings, Hopes and Desires take on life and form in the spirit as real.

Now, the Realm of Dreams, of the Dark Visions of The Night, in The Realm of The Spirit, Mickey’s ImaginationsThoughts/Ideas were free to be released and come forth out of their darkly hidden place in the soul.  For when Mickey was awake, the True Hidden Man of the Hidden Heart had to stay hidden if it was not to really be discovered and thus others learn it was there and what it really wanted, it’s true desires and what it was plotting to do.  No, this hidden person of a deep sub-( below ) consciousness stayed down, hidden and when Mickey was awake just think and plot and not allow anyone to know what it was really thinking or feeling or even desiring.

Mickey’s Hidden Heart really wanted and believed it was THE MOST POWERFUL SORCERER IN THE UNIVERSE.  Your Majesty, Yes Little One, how could Mickey think that, he was only a little boy and still learning under the Master Sorcerer?  Little One, the Hidden Heart of the Soul beliefs and thoughts will not reflect what the Truth really is.  It lives in a dark/ignorant world of PRIDE, LUST, SELF, ANGER and JEALOUSY FOR NOT BEING THE MOST POWERFUL, It becomes BLINDED BY it’s own desires and lusts of wanting to be something it really was not.  Sir, did it know it STOLE THE HAT OF MAGIC?  Yes and No.  Yes it sort of knew it was somebody else’s but it would lie to itself, blind itself to this TRUTH and it could only FEEL AND DESIRE WHAT IT WANTED FOR ITSELF!!!

Why would Mickey do this?  Little One this is the NATURE AND CHARACTER of this hidden person of the soul and it had gotten this Nature, Character, Concepts, Lusts, Desires, Wants, Ability to Lie to Itself, Deceive itself, be BLINDED by Lust and It Great Rays of Power and With This Power from the EVIL AND DARK NATURE of another and would come all that this Hidden Person of the hidden heart wanted and desired.  This basic desire and want came from another’s DNA, the father and mother of this person – the Dark Adversary of Me and Agape Love, Satan and His Nature.  Sir, Yes Little One how could there be some many different people inside Mickey?  I thought he was just one little Guy???

Little one, all humans are many and broken into divisions of self and within one’s spirit and soul and they all need to be made whole and in unity as one.  So, in this shape, the hidden man is very powerful and you can begin to see it’s true thoughts and feelings as Mickey begins to dream.  Little One, Mickey’s spirit was able by his own thoughts and imagainations to create his own world what ever kind he believe in and thought in his spiritual heart he wanted, it was done.  So, the soul’s hidden person of the heart did the desiring and the lusting and would then use the spiritual abilities of the spirit to create the world the hidden person of the soul wanted to live in where all his lusts of his hidden heart would be satisfied and become sort of it’s realm of reality, even though it was not the Truth of the Natural World.  Little One, the hidden person of the heart/ of a soul only wanted to live in a world/realm where it was THE SUPREME, THE MASTER, THE LORD, THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE.  But, Sir I don’t like this Mickey at all.  Neither do I.  Sir, Yes. Little One can we stop the story here for today my heart is so sad at this news about humanity and this hidden part of each of us.  Sir, is there any hope for us?  Yes, Little One there is.  Good.  Let’s go listen the singing flowers and the watch the dancing butterfly’s, Ok?  Ok!

Your Heavenly Father





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