Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Sorcerer’s Hat

Monday May 13, 2019

Are you ready for more of Mickey and his story as an Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Little One?  Yes, sir I am.  Do you remember where we left Mickey?  Yes, Sir I do. He had just watched his Teacher transform a Bat to a beautify butterfly. That is correct. And Then what happened? You told me his heart was feeling very bad and he wanted to feel better, more important.  That Is correct, little one.

Now on with the story.  After the Sorcerer had finished with his magic trick, he was tired for he was an old sorcerer and had lived for many many years.  So, he put his tall Hat he wears when he does his magic, down on the table and left the room.  Now, came Mickey’s chance to become important, for he was now alone with the magic hat!!

Mickey’s heart was ready, the soil was prepared and his mind went to work.  He knew at one level NOT TO TOUCH THE MASTER’S HAT for it was not his!  But another part of him was feeling so unimportant and only a slave that now with his Master out of the room and there on the table was THE MAGIC HAT. The temptation was just too much for Mickey’s heart to ignore.

Mickey could hear the Hat calling to him to put it on and he would feel strong, powerful and be filled with all kind of joy for he would be important and not just a lowly slave, servant of the Master.  Mickey’s eyes were fixed on the Hat. It was calling to him, his soul was saying PUT IT ON, NO ONE IS AROUND, YOU WILL BE POWERFUL. 

Mickey looked around the room again, no Master just him and The Hat!  Then Mickey picked up the Hat and held it in his hands. His heart was thinking that this was a mysterious hat, one that had power to make him feel powerful, important and not just a nobody. His hands were trembling, his heart was excited and his mind told his arms to lift the Hat and put it on his head and they did!!

Then it happened, Mickey Felt Full of the Magic, He felt Powerful. Strong and Very Important and he was happy and excited.  But Sir, yes little one. That wasn’t his Hat.  No Little one is was not.  He was doing something bad wasn’t he?  yes, little one he was for Mickey had not been given permission by the Rightful owner of the Hat and It’s Magic and Power to put it on. Was He going to get in trouble?  Yes. Did Mickey know he was doing something wrong?  Yes and No.  Yes at one level, but the desire to be someone important, one with power, Mickey would break the rules of His Teacher and Put on the Teacher’s Hat of Magic without permission and without supervision. Trouble was on it’s way. 

Little one, Yes Sir what I want you to know so far in this story is this that even my precious little ones, my students, my children who are such as Mickey feeling unimportant and just a servant they will do just a Mickey did and for the very same reasons as he did, step out before their time and without permission and use the Power of The Teacher without permission and without His supervision.  They sneak and hide thinking I can not see them. They think in their hearts as Mickey did and believe I cannot hear their thoughts or that I would feel as they do and allow them to do things without My permission and without training and without supervision.

Their hearts and minds were not ready to be a Mighty One for having that kind of responsibility of such Power is very serious and one must be prepared, trained, more mature and much wiser.  Power can get out of control and can bring much pain and torment with it as you will learn next time about Mickey. Ok, I will be ready to listen. Will I get a Magic Hat one day too?  No little one, not hats are required for what I will teach you. My power is not in a hat as this Sorcerers was. No, Little One No Hat Is Needed With Me.

Your Heavenly Father.

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