Saturday, September 21, 2019

Stolen Power, A Thief Arises Out of The Hidden Heart

Saturday May 25, 2019

Little One, Yes Sir, I wat to keep telling you more about Mickey and The Hat of Magic and now The Broom.  Ok.  Little one, if you remember that Mickey put on the Hat of Magic and spoke a Word – MUTAITIS! and the Broom cam to life.  It grew arms and legs just from the spoken Words from out of his own heart.

Mickey had little knowledge, understanding or wisdom of The HAT of Magic, or of The Power of Spoken Words while wearing The Hat Of Magic and NO experience, No supervision, No Teaching, on Magic or The Hat of Magic, or on Power of The Hat or The Power of Words.  Mickey had now stepped into a realm he had no personal knowledge of or experience with a STOLEN POWER from His Teacher.

Mickey had STOLEN/TAKEN another’s POWER, Authority, Dominion over things without permission – just to satisfy his sadden heart of it’s feelings of unimportance, anger at being not considered valuable, or appreciated, no Just a Slave!!!

So, Mickey became a THIEF, A ROBBER, LAWLESS, ILLEGAL.  He took something that was not his!!!  He took it in secret and he was so HAPPY.  His soul and it’s heart was overflowing with joy at THE POWER HE HAD!  The Power that he saw his teacher use, WAS NOW AT HIS TO USE!!  Such Joy he felt at the Power he now even though stolen gave his soul such feelings of Pride and Power.  He had never experienced such feelings before and they were flooding into his soul and overwhelming him and causing him to believe The Power was his and therefore he could DO ALL THINGS.

Mickey’s heart was full of Joy at the sweet Revenge he was getting against the harsh, selfish Teacher – The Great and Wise Sorcerer, Mickey’s Teacher and Tutor.  Mickey’s heart was darkened and full of jealousy and desired revenge for not be appreciated, not being accepted, not be honored as a Great Sorcerer himself. So, his heart drove Mickey to BECOME A THIEF and to steal something that belonged to another, THE HAT OF MAGIC!  The hidden heart didn’t care if this taking of The Hat Of Magic was right or legal, it only cared to satisfy it’s own feelings to feel POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT thus denying his true state of being a student not ready for this POWER yet and that he had not been given legal permission to USE THE HAT OF MAGIC or that he needed supervision and teaching.

Mickey’s heart, little one was full of anger and dark fire.  A heart only desiring things to make it feel better and to bring it happiness of importance and value.  So, from this dark heart, Mickey BECAME A THIEF and STOLE what was not his to have, yet because his heart was so full of unfulfilled desires for recognition and desires to demonstrate to itself that it was just the same, equal to the Great Sorcerer himself.  Mickey’s heart manifested it’s dark belief/concept/thoughts/feelings of I AM NOW SOMEBODY, NOT JUST A SLAVE!  I AM IMPORTANT AND I NOW HAVE POWER!!  I AM MORE THAN ANYONE KNOWS!  I AM NOW POWERFUL!  I AM SOMEBODY!  I CONTROL ALL THINGS WITH MY WORDS AND MY HEART!

Little one, learn this lesson about how a heart will become A THIEF AND STEAL SOMETHING THAT IS NOT HIS.  

Now Mickey, spoke to the Broom. PICK UP THE BUCKETS Mickey Commanded the Broom that was now alive from the HAT OF MAGIC.  Would the Broom OBEY?  What you think This Broom Did?  They Broom obeyed?  Yes, Little one it did!!  That is correct, little one.  What happened next, your Majesty?  Much, Little One, but that will be for our next time we talk and you learn.

Ok, Sir,  Little One, yes sir,  What’s That over there?  Oh you mean that Singing and Sparkling Butterfly?  Yes.

The Heavenly Father







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