Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mickey and The Hat of Magic

Saturday May 18, 2019

Wake up little one, it is time to walk.  Ok, Sir, I getting up.  Where are we going today, sir?  Just walking little one, but I am going to tell you more about Mickey and The Hat of Magic. Yeah, I like your stories, Your Majesty. 

Remember, Where we left off, yes sir, I do. Mickey was alone and had just put on His Master’s Magic Hat. That Is correct, Mickey did put on The Hat of Magic without his Teacher’s Permission.

Mickey, looked around the room, double checking to make sure he was alone with just the Magic Hat.  He was, but he saw a broom leaning against the wall.  So, just as Mickey had seen his Teacher, The Great Sorcerer had done, he raised his arms and said outloud, Mutatis! That was the Magic Spell/The Words that Mickey’s Teacher said over the Bat to change it to a Beautiful Butterfly.

The Broom began to glow with power and the Magic from the Sorcerer’s Hat.  Mickey’s heart was so happy and feeling was feeling such joy and was full of Pride for he acquired A Power that only he had seen his Teacher, The Sorcerer Had. His heart was feeling valuable now, he felt powerful and no longer just a slave/a servant, unimportant.

Then, the broom as it was glowing in a light of power the handle grew arms!!! and it’s straw that was used to sweep up the floor divided into two legs!  The broom had come to life!  But would the broom now obey Mickey, of this young and untrained, uneducated, not given the right to do this apprentice?  Pick up the bucket, Mickey ordered the broom and the broom obey.  Mickey’s heart was so full of joy at have power over the broom and using his hands and the Power of The Hat of Magic.

But, even thought the broom obey, this young Mickey was not authorized to use the Hat of Magic and The Power It Had. Trouble was on the way.

But, I tell you more about the trouble that was coming for Mickey.  He was really going to get In trouble wasn’t he?  yes, little one he was. He was going to mishandle the Power Of the Hat Of Magic for he did not have permission to be using the Power, or even to being wearing the Hat Of Magic. Yet, in the beginning Mickey could not see what lay ahead for him.  His heart was blinded by the happiness and joy of feeling important even if it was only with a Broom.

Until next time, Little one, let’s walk some more today.

Ok?  Sir.  I am with you.



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