Sunday, July 05, 2020

Going Home, Flying On The Wings Of Agape Love!

Saturday April 13, 2019

Little One, Yes Sir I Want To Talk To You About GOING HOME ON MY WINGS OF AGAPE LOVE.  Ok, Sir, I Am Listening.  Just As In The Book, Peter Pan Flew Wendy, John and Michael Home In Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship Back Home To London.  Peter Had Tinker Bell To Sprinkle The Ship Of Captain Hook and Wendy, John and Michael With Her PIXIE DUST. Yes Sir, I Remember. And What Happened?  The Whole Ship Flew!!!

So Too Do I.  What You Can Make Ships Fly??? No Little One, I Bring My Loved Ones Home, Back To The Kingdom Of Heaven, To Me and All The Living Creatures Of The Garden Of Eden.  Did You Use PIXIE DUST TOO SIR??  No Little One, I Don’t Use PIXIE DUST!  What Do You Use Then???  I Use The Power Of My Holy Spirit And The Power Of Agape Love.

Little One, My Holy Spirit and Agape Love Sparkle With Power To Help People Fly. I Want You To Know That I Desire For All My Lost Boys, My Little Ones Such As You To Come Home Back To Me.  I Know That In The Deeply Hidden, Unspoken Desires Of All Humanity’s Hearts Is A Powerful Desire To Come Home!! Even Though They Don’t Know Where That Is, Or How To Get Home.  But There Heart Is Seeking This and Searching For It Even Though The Deeply Hidden Heart Of The Spirit Seems To Not Have Any Memories of This Homeland For Darkness Set In and What Once Was Known, Became Only Legends and Myths. Hidden In Mist Of Some Long Forgotten Time.

Sir, Yes Little One.  What Is It Like To Fly???  You Want To Know?  Yes, What Do I Do?  Nothing. Look Down, Little One. What Do you See?  My Feet Are Floating Up Off The Ground.  Yes, They Are.  How Is this Possible?

We Will Continue this Discussion Later. Ok.  I Am Back On The Ground.  Great, Let’s Keep Walking.

Your Heavenly Father





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