Sunday, August 18, 2019

Could You Tell Us Sir, Where Are We Sailing For?

Sunday April 7, 2019

After Peter Pan Stood In His Victory On Captain Hook’s Ship, The Ship Began Moving.  Sir, Could You Tells Us Where Are We Sailing To, Asked Wendy?

Back Home, To London Peter Answered, To Your Home!  They All Danced For Joy And Were Filled With Such Happiness, WE ARE GOING HOME!!!

And As I Had This Story Written For All Of Humanity To Know That After My Great Duel With The Real Captain Hook and The Pirates, I Too SAILED ALL OF HUMANITY BACK HOME.  Little One Please Know This, That After I WALKED THE PLANK In All Of Humanity’s Place, I AROSE OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF THE DEEP SEA, And Stood on The Ground Of Victory Over Captain Hook and His Pirates.  

Then I Too SAID To All Humanity WE ARE ALL GOING HOME!!  Now in the Peter Pan Book, Home For Wendy And The Boys Was  London, England, But Little One All Of Humanity’s Home Was THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, IN MY PRESENCE, AS MY CHILDREN!!

Little One, Because I Too Loved Others As Peter Loved Wendy, John, Michael and The Lost Boys, I Wanted To Return Them To Their HOME, The Place They Originally Came From

My Family, My House

My Pleasure,

The Kingdom Of Heaven

And The Garden Of Eden, Of Light & Life On The Earth

I Fought A Great Battle To Return Every Human Spirit Back Home To Me,

Their Heavenly Father

Then After Ones Physical Body Has Been Taken By Death 


It Returns To The Dust Of The Earth From Which It Came

Then When, All Human Spirits Get Their New Glorified Body, I Will Return Them To The 

New Earth That I Will Create In The Time Ahead

The Original Home Of All Human Spirits,

Living In My Great City, The New Jerusalem, On A New Earth

Where I Will Dwell With Them For All Of Eternity

The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth!

So, Little One, Just As Peter Took Wendy, Michael and John Back Home Through The Pixie Dust Of Tinker Bell, I Too Have Provided My Own Dust To Fly Everyone Home,  My Agape Love, My Light And The Power Of The Spirit.

We Are Going Home!!

Yes, Little One, All Humanity Is And That Includes You!  Please Know That I Traveled Through Time, And Space To Walk The Plank For All Of Humanity And Then I Provided The Way Through Agape Love To GO HOME!

Wow, Sir Everyone Is Going Home!!  Do I See Tears In Your Eyes.  Little One?  Yes Sir.  My Heart Is So Happy Just Like Wendy’s, Michael’s and John’s.  So, Little One Don’t Be Afraid To Sail With Me As I Carry All Humanity Home When It Is Time For Them To Come Home.  Everyone, yes Little One, All!!

Your Heavenly Father

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