Sunday, July 05, 2020

Coming Home To Me, The Kingdom And The Garden.

Sunday April 14, 2019

Hello Little One, Did You Have A Good Sleep? Yes Sir, I Did.  Great Let’s Walk and Talk. Do You Remember What We Were Talking About Yesterday?  Yes Sir, I do, About Coming Home and Flying Without PIXIE DUST.  That is Correct. Now Today I Want To Help You To Learn Alittle Bit More.  Ok.

Little One, I Want You To Know That In The Defeat Of The Real Captain Hook, As In The Book, Peter Pan Captain Hook Was Defeated And Was Left Being Chased By The Giant Crocodile Of Never Never Land. And I Want You To Know That I Too Defeated The Real Captain Hook For All Of Time.  It May Not Seem Like I Did On The Earth, But I Did. My Defeat Of The Enemy Of My Loved Ones And The Ancient Heart That Desired To Cover and Control The Whole World On Earth With His Evil Nature and Kingdom Was For The Eternal Spiritual Creature Called The Spiritual Person Living and Residing In The Body Of Dirt Or What You may say All of Humanity.  This Spiritual Being, Spiritual Person My Lost Ones To Me NOW CAN COME HOME, COME BACK TO THEIR SPIRITUAL HOMELAND AGAIN, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND IT’S GARDEN OF EDEN.

COMING HOME Of My Little Ones Has Been My Goal Since Ancient Days and It Has Always Been A Hidden Desire In The Deep Darkness Of A Spiritual Heart. For Only THE ORIGNIAL HOME OF THE SPIRITUAL HEART would provide the Peace, Love and Joy Of Family, Country and Identity The Heart Of Every Human Heart Needed To Be At Peace Within It Self, It’s 3 Part System Of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body.  Only When The Deep Human Heart Of The Spirit, That’s Me, Right? Yes, Little One That Is Right. When The Spiritual Heart COMES HOME, COMES BACK To It’s Land Of Origin and Begins To Learn Of Itself and Live In This Place as You Are Doing Even Now As Your Living On The Earth Can The Spirit Be Home With Me.

Sir, yes Little One. Will I Always Be Walking With You As We Are Now?  Yes!  Ok.  I Need to Ponder on these things for awhile Sir, Ok?  Yes, You Do That As we Walk Today.

Love Your Heavenly Father.


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