Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Wounded Heart And The Power Of Words!

Sunday April 28, 2019

Little One, Yes Sir, Listen To More Of The Story Of Mickey In The Book entitled, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Ok. Remember, Mickey was walking through a room that his mighty teacher, the Sorcerer was. Then IT happened suddenly, Mickey’s soul that was in a condition of feeling devalued, unimportant, only a slave, and was ready to see an opportunity to SELF-MEDICATE itself to enable it to feel better, to feel important, to feel valued, to feel powerful.

The Sorcerer SPOKE WORDS of Power!! The Sorcerer CHANGED/TRANSFORMED a creature of the night, a bat into another life form – a beautiful butterfly


Mickey’s Eyes of his soul saw the Power of Words to Change a Life Form to Another.  How Could This Be?  What Power Was Displayed and Demonstrated?  WORDS Couldn’t Just Do That, Could They?

Little One, Mickey’s soul asked itself, What kind of Power Did Words Have? How Could they demonstrate such power over creatures of life? His eyes of his earthly soul saw it and his soul that felt so devalued, so unimportant asked itself so many questions.

Mickey’s soul asked itself, maybe if It had this power of Words, It wouldn’t seem to be so devalued, so depressed because It felt unimportant. Mickey’s soul was ready, It’s feelings were all in place of feeling unimportant, feeling like a slave and of no value, not respected, treated as nothing. Micky’s soul was angry for not be treated as important and not more than what he was doing. All the seeds of the soul were planted and ready to produce it’s fruit.

Mickey’s eyes saw Power through WORDS!

So, Mickey’s soul decided to Taste and See the Power For Itself.  To make Itself feel Powerful, Important, Good, Happy, Valued, and Somebody!

Little One, The stage was Set, the heart was now tempted and ready.  The Sorcerer left the room and it was just the chance the soul needed to try out the Power of Words to self-medicate it’s feelings of itself.

The soul stepped forward and used it’s mouth and spoke.  So, Little One, Tomorrow I will tell you more of what happened. But remember this, when the soil of the soul is made up of feelings of bitterness for being unimportant and devalued, feelings of anger for not being appreciated, sadness for just being treated as a slave to someone else, It will do things it is not ready to handle. It will take advantage of power it is not ready for and will disobey the Leadership to make itself feel better.

Yes, Sir.  I am going to think more about this. Can we keep walking?  Yes, Little One We Can.

Your Heavenly Father



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