Friday, February 28, 2020

A Promise They Could Not Keep!

Thursday April 18, 2019

Little One, Yes Your Majesty.  I Want To Finish The Story Of Peter Pan To You Today.  Ok, I Sure Hope It Is A Happy One. Yes and No.  Do You Remember That Peter Pan Had Sprinkled Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship With Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dust So It Could Fly Wendy, John and Michael Home To London From Never Never Land?  Yes, I Do. I Was Glad That They Were Going Home.  Me Too.  

Well, Little One When Peter Pan And Wendy, John and Michael Returned To London Peter Pan And Tinker Bell Made Wendy, John and Michael To Promise That They Would Never Ever Forget Them and The Lost Boys Of Never Never Land.  At The End Of The Story Peter Pan And Tinker Bell Returned Back To Never Never Land and Wendy, John and Michael had Been Returned To Their House In London. 

But, Little One They Could Not Keep The Promise They Made Because As They Grew Up, These Memories Just Became Fairy Tales To Them, Make Believe, Just Stories and Fables. Their Believing Hearts Became Clothed In A Waxed Grossness Of Unbelief. They Couldn’t Really Remember All That Had Happened and The Memories Faded Into Darkness.  Did Peter Ever Come Back Again.  No Little One, He Did Not. For He Could Only Come If They Believed That He Was Real.  

I Wanted You To Know the Ending Of The Story For This Ending Happened To Me and All Of Humanity. Their Hearts Once Believed In Me as Children Do, As Wendy, John and Michael Believed In Peter Pan, In Tinker Bell, And The Lost Boys, In Tiger Lily, In Captain Hook and His Pirates. But Time and An Unbelieving Heart Of Being An Adult Covers The Memories Of Me In Darkness.  Yet Their Hearts Search All It’s Days For A Return to Never Never Land And to find The Lost Boys and To Fly Without Pixie Dust, But Their Hearts Are Hard and Stiff and Will Not Believe Again As A Child. But Some Do.  

So, Not Only Could Wendy, John and Michael Not Keep Their Promise To Peter, But Humanity Could Not Remember Me From The Days Of Long Ago From the Days In The Garden Of Eden.  Darkness Set upon Their hearts and The Light went Out and only A Small smoking wick remained. 

But, I Found A Way To Relight The Wick, To Bring Back The Memories Of Long Forgotten Times and Places. I sent Forth Visions of The Night, Dreams and Spoke To People and From Out Of Their Long Dead Imaginations Came Forth Stories, Fairy Tales, Fables, Movies, Stories Of Me and Them and The Realm Of The Unseen Land They Are Really From and So, I Found A Way Back To Them And They Are Slowing Remembering.

So, Little One.  Tomorrow I Will Tell You Another Story I Gave To Others To Write About The Long Forgotten Memories Of Eternity and Me.

Ok.  I Like Your Stories, Sir.

Great Tomorrow I Will Begin A New One.


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