Thursday, March 04, 2021

You Will Walk The Plank!!!

Saturday March 23, 2019

Little One, I Need For You To Know More About This Evil Real Captain Hook Who Lives On The Earth, Unseen, Yet Who Is Real.  The Story I Had Written, Peter Pan Tells Much About This Real Captain Hook.  I Need For All My Lost Children In The Never Never Land On The Earth To Be Aware Of This Real, Unseen Captain Hook.

When Captain Hook And His Pirates Got Wendy, John, Michael And The Lost Boys To His Ship/His Kingdom Hall Of Judgment He Was Determined To Have All TO WALK THE PLANK To Their Deaths!!!!   Sir, Yes Little One Where Was Peter Pan?  He Was With Tiger Lily and Her Father.  Remember He Had Rescued Her From Captain Hook and Was Returning Her To Her Family.  

Brave Wendy Said To The Evil Captain Hook,  PETER PAN WILL SAVE US!!  But Captain Hook Roared With His Wicked Laughter,  PAN WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAVE YOU. He Said Through His Shouts Of Great Hatred. YOU WILL WALK THE PLANK!!!

Oh, Sir How Could Anyone HATE Wendy, John, Michael and The Sweet Lost Boys So Much That They Wanted To KILL THEM??  Sweetie, The Heart and Nature Of The Real Captain Hook is ONE OF ONLY HATE, ANGER, JEALOUSY, DEATH, KILLING ANYTHNG OR ANYONE THAT Loves With My Agape Love As These Did.  The War, The Battles, The Fight on The Earth BETWEEN Me And My Agape Love And THE REAL CAPTAIN HOOK Always Includes Precious Ones Such As Tinker Bell, Wendy, John, Michael and The Lost Boys And Yes Even Tiger Lily and Her Family!  This Real Evil Captain Hook Knows He Can Not Fight Against Me Directly, So He Uses Innocent Ones Such As These To HURT ME AND TRY AND COVER THE Whole Earth Again With It’s Evil, Cruel Darkness Of His Heart.

This Truth You Must Be Aware Of, Know And Watch Out For on The Earth.  I Will Help You To Believe This Truth, And Fight For You.  But Now, Just Let This Truth Take Root In Your New Heart And Settle In So, It Can Not Be Dislodged By Fear, Others Or Any Thing That Will Come Your Way.

Ok, Sir.  I Will Think About This Truth As We Walk Today.  Great.  

The Heavenly Father

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