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What Did Captain Hook Do Next, Sir?

Sunday March 17, 2019

Sir, What Happened When Captain Hook Found Out Where Peter Pan And The Lost Boys Were Living/Hiding?

Well Little One, Captain Hook With His Band Of Pirates Went Out To CAPTURE Peter, Wendy And The Lost Boys!

No, Not Wendy, John And Michael Too?  Yes, All Of Them!  For Captain Hook HATED All Of Them – EVEN WENDY, JOHN AND MICHAEL!

Sir, Why Would Captain Hook HATE Wendy And Want To HURT Her?  She Doesn’t Even Live In Never Never Land, She Lives In London?

Because They Are FRIENDS With And LOVE Peter And The Lost Boys. And They Are REFLECTIONS of My Agape Love For Others And This EVIL CAPTAIN HOOK And HIS PIRATES HATE ME AND MY AGAPE LOVE!

Little One, When A HEART And SOUL Are NOT FILLED WITH MY AGAPE LOVE For Others And OVER FLOWING As It Did Through Wendy, John And Michael For Peter Pan, Tinker Bell And The Lost Boys – Then HATE And IT’S EVIL FRUITS Of Wickedness, Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Lies, Desiring The Death Of Others, Are FORCED ON INNOCENT ONES!!!!  This HEART & SOUL Is NOT FILLED WITH AND OVERFLOWING WITH MY AGAPE LOVE AND IT’S WONDERFUL FRUITS!!!

A Heart FILLED WITH MY AGAPE LOVE BEARS THE FRUIT OF AGAPE LOVE Such As Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Patience, Long Suffering, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing, Deliverance, Bearing The Pain & Burdens Of Others, Gentleness, Tenderness, Love Of Me, Love Of Themselves, The Love Of Others And The Love Of All My CREATION AND IT’S CREATURES!!!


They Set Out To Capture Tinker Bell, And They Did!  Then They Forced Her To Tell Them Where Peter Pan And The Lost Boys Were Hiding In Never Never Land. 

Sir, Yes Little One, What Was THIS MEAN CAPTAIN HOOK GOING TO DO WITH Peter Pan and The Lost Boys?

Captain Hook Was GOING TO FORCE THEM ALL TO WALK THE PLANK! To Walk Off A Board Into The Water To DROWN AND THUS DIE! Then Captain Hook Would Be Free Of THEIR PRESENCE IN NEVER NEVER LAND!! THEIR PRESENCE OF AGAPE LOVE WOULD BE DESTROYED AND The Captain Would Have NO ONE AND ANY OBSTACLES In His Way In Taking Over The Complete Rulership Of Never Never Land!

Oh, Sir, NO, That Can’t Be True – NOT HERE ON THE EARTH, CAN IT?

Yes, Little One IT IS TRUE!  YES, EVEN TODAY! The Captain Hook That Is Living On The Earth DESIRES To Do This To EVERY ONE WHO IS LIKE Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John Michael and The Lost Boys.  THIS CAPTAIN HOOK HATES These Precious Ones Who HAVE A TRUE HEART OF MY AGAPE LOVE!!!

Sir,  Yes Little One, I Need A Kleenex For My Heart Is Hurting And I Want To Cry. Here Little One, Is A Kleenex For Your Tears.  I Know The Pain This Brings To A Heart For I Have Felt This Pain Since The Beginning. Shall We Sit And Cry Together.  Yes, Sir, Will You Put Your Arms Around Me and Hug Me, Then I Won’t Feel So Bad.

Yes, Little One, I Will, For I Am Here To Comfort You In All Your Pains Of Your Heart.  Truth Sometimes Is Very Painful and Brings Tears For Others.  But I Am Here For You And All The Others.

Your Heavenly Father



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  1. Dear One, Pastor Deborah Here. Thank You For Reading And Enjoying The Blog. The Structure Of The Web Site is With GoDaddy and Is The Wisdom Theme. I Have A Tech Guy Helping Me For I Don’t Know How To Do Any Of This. I Work Closely With Him. I Have To Ask A Lot Of Questions. I Have Been Blogging Out In The World Since Dec. 28, 2019. But Have Been Telling Stories To Ones Such As You And The Multitudes Of Nations For Over 40 years. I Was Given This Gift Of Story Telling, Writing And Speaking To Reach Out And Send Out Agape Love To All The World. I Am Guided By A Very Good Teacher And He Gives Me The Content To Write About. The Web Site is Sort Of Set Up As A Library, A One Room Classroom, Long Distance Learning Classes, Books To Read And Videos To Watch And Listen To. The Topics Are From Another Realm And Require Words, Voice, Visual And Objects To Help Open Up The Unseen Realm To The World Out There That You Live In. I Am A Gift, A Teacher To The World And To The Multitudes Of People, Nations, To The Rulers Of the World To Help Them Out Of The Darkness Of Spiritual Ignorance Into The Light Of Agape Love, Life And The Kingdom Of Heaven. Continue To Read and Learn. Love Always And Forever, Pastor Deborah

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