Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Sir, Yes Little One, What Happened To Tiger Lily?

Friday March 8, 2019

Sir, Yes Little One, What Happened To Tiger Lily?  Well, Captain Hook Took Tiger Lily To SKULL ROCK!  And There On SKULL ROCK Peter Pan Challenged Captain Hook To A Thrilling Duel.  Peter Knew He Had TO SAVE Tiger Lily.  So, Peter Pan Because He Was Young, And Quick And Very Brave That Even Though He Was Just A Young One, He Had Great Courage To Fight Captain Hook To SAVE AND SET TIGER LILY FREE !!! 

So, Peter Was Able To Rescue Tiger Lily And Returned Her To Her Father, The Indian Chief.  And What Happened To That Mean Captain Hook, Sir?  After A Long Sword and Knife Fight, Captain Hook Ended Up In The Water Surround Skull Rock Island. Then He Was Chased Back To His Ship By A Ferocious Crocodile.  So, Peter Didn’t Kill Him.  No, Little One, Peter Did Not!   I Bet Captain Hook Was Mad At Peter Wasn’t He?  yes, Little One He Was So Angry That He CURSESD PETER PAN WITH HIS HEART AND THROUGH HIS WORDS!  Captain Hook VOWED HIS REVENGE AGAINST PETER PAN ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Captain Hook Was So Angry At Losing Tiger Lily and Not Finding Out Where Peter Pan And The Lost Boys Were Hiding THAT HE SET OUT TO KIDNAP TINKER BELL AND FORCE HER TO SHOW HIM WHERE PETER PAN LIVED! 

Why Was Captain Hook So Angry With Peter Pan and The Lost Boys and Wanting To Find Out Where They Live?

Captain Hook Felt Challenged To His Rulership, Authority and Dominion In Never Never Land. And Peter Pan and The Lost Boys Were So Full Of Love For Each Other and They Had NO MEANNESS IN THEM.  Captain Hook Felt Threatened By Peter Pan and The Lost Boys.  Sir, Yes Little One, Does The Real Captain Hook and His Pirates That Are On The Earth Down There Like This Captain Hook In The Book?  YES, THEY ARE.  THEY EVEN HATE ALL THE ONES WITH AGAPE LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS MORE THAN THE FAIRY TALE CAPTAIN HOOK DID!

Sir, Yes,  My Stomach Hurts.  I Know, Truth Is Not Always Sweet and Good, But You Must Have The Truth So You Will Be Aware And Know That EVEN YOU LITTLE ONE ARE HATED DEEPLY BY THE REAL CAPTAIN HOOK!

Your Heavenly Father

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