Thursday, March 04, 2021

Sir, Yes Little One, Are There Any LOST BOYS In Your Never Never Land?

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Sir, Yes Little One, Are There Any LOST BOYS In Your Never Never Land?  No, Sweetie, There Are No LOST BOYS In My Never Never Land.  But On Earth, In The Kingdom Of Darkness ALL THAT LIVE IN THAT KINGDOM ARE AS THE LOST BOYS OF PETER PAN’S NEVER NEVER LAND!

Do You Know Why They WERE CALLED LOST BOYS, Little One?  No Sir, I Don’t Know Why, Could You Tell.  Yes, Be Happy To.  LOST BOYS/All Those Who Live In A LAND/KINGDOM WHERE A CAPTAIN HOOK LIVES, AND HIS PIRATES!  Oh Dear.  Yes, Little One.  In The Story Of Peter Pan, If You Noticed Only Peter Left Never Never Land, None Of The LOST BOYS  Left!  

Little One, THE LOST BOYS Were Children Who Had NO FAMILY, NO PARENTS, They HAD TO LIVE TOGETHER SORT LIKE A GANG AS THEY ARE CALLED ON THE EARTH.  The Gang Had Order, Structure, And Leaders – But NO ADULTS!!  The Only ADULTS IN NEVER NEVER LAND In Peter Pan’s NEVER NEVER LAND Were The Pirates and Captain Hook.  And To Be Safe From These MEAN, HURTFUL AND ABUSIVE ADULTS, The LOST BOYS, The Sweet, ORPHANED, NO PARENTS, Of Peter’s Never Never Land and All HUMANS Living on The Earth In The Kingdom Of Darkness/Ignorance, ALL THE CHILDREN OF THIS LAND HIDE IN SECRET UNDERGROUND HOMES IN FORESTS OF TREES.

Now In The NEVER NEVER LAND on The Earth, The Kingdom Of Darkness/Ignorance, Sweet Precious Little Ones Who Have Not Met Me Yet, Or Even Know About Me – ALSO LIVE IN SECRET HIDDING PLACES TO BE SAFE!

But, I And My Agape Love Can See Them, We Know Where They Are Hiding And We Visit Them As I Did You, And As I AM Doing Through Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here With Pastor Deborah.  Whew, You Will Help Them Won’t You?  Yes, I Will Help Their Hearts To Not Be Afraid Of Me, Of My Agape Love and Pastor Deborah And Come Out Of Their Hiding And Into The Land Where You And I Live, The Real Never Never Land Of The Kingdom of Heaven and The Garden Of Eden.  Good, I Want To Met Them and Hug Them And I Want Them In Our Family With His. So, Do I.

Your Heavenly Father

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