Thursday, March 04, 2021

Sir, Yes Dear One, Where Is Never Never Land?

Saturday March 2, 2019

Sir, Yes Little One, Where Is Never Never Land?  A Very Good Question To Ask.  Sir, Is It A Real Place?  Yes It Is! It Is All Arond Us, All The Time.  It Is? Yes, It Is!  It Has Been On The World For Many Many Years And Still Is. 

Never Never Land, Here ?  No, Little One Not Here Were We Are Together, On This Road We Are Traveling On Nor Is It In Or Apart Of The Land and City We Are Traveling To.  But Yes, Never Never Land Is On The Earth, An Unseen Land/Realm.  DID YOU SAY ON EARTH?  Yes! NOW? Yes! Is There A CAPTIAN HOOK THERE?  Yes!  And Pirates?  Yes!

Please Sir, Tell Me More About This Land Of Captain Hook And The Pirates.  

Well, This NEVER NEVER LAND Is Not Far Away, It is The UNSEEN WORLD THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN FROM THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN IT.  Do People Have To Fly To Get To It?  No, Little One They Don’t, But People Do Fly Around Never Never Land.  How Do They Fly?  Do They Use Tinker Bell’s PIXIE DUST?  No, Little One They Don’t Have To.  This Flying Ability Is A Free Gift From Me, But They Don’t Know That.  Is There A CAPTIAN HOOK AND PIRATES?  Yes, There Are!  Are They Mean Like The Ones In The Stories Of Peter Pan?  Yes, Even More Mean!

Sir, Yes Little One I Don’t Like Captain Hook or The Pirates They Hurt The Lost Boys and Peter and Wendy.  Yes, Hook and His Pirates Did.  And The Real Hook and His Pirates of Never Never Land That Is on The Earth, Unseen and Undiscovered By Multitudes Of People Are Much Much Meaner and Hurt People So Very Much.

Sir, Yes Little One, Could We Stop And Rest For Alittle While, I Am Sleepy and My Stomach Hurts.  Yes, Little One We Can. Sir, Yes, I Don’t Like This Truth About This NEVER NEVER LAND That You Are Telling Me About. My Heart Hurts For The Little Ones Like Me Who Are Being Hurt By This Mean Captain Hook and His Pirates.  I Don’t Like Them For They Hurt People.  Yes, This Captain Hook and His Pirates Do Just That Every Moment, Every Day and Night And Have Been For Thousands and Thousands Of Years.  Isn’t There Any One To Stop Them?  Yes, I Have Sent Many and They Fight Hard, But They Didn’t Fight In My Gifts, Authority, Dominion, Power and Strength As Pastor Deborah Does.  

Little One, Yes Sir, Here Is A Cloth For Your Tears.  I Can’t Help It, My Heart Hurts At The Thought Of This Hook Guy and His Pirates Hurting Little Ones Like Me.  They Are So Mean.  Yes, Little One They Are And What They Do To Little Ones Hurts My Heart Also, And I Cry A Lot For Them. It Is Ok If We Both Cry Now For Truth Sometimes Hurts, But We Must Always Know The Truth So We Can Plan An Attack And Victory.  Now, Rest Little One.  You Are Beginning To Feel The Pain And Sorrow Of What I Feel For All Those Who Are Held Captives In Slavery In Never Never Land To Captain Hook and His Pirates. 

Little One, We Will Rest Now, For My Heart Is Hurting For Little Ones Too. I Will Sit and Cry With You For Them. 

Your Heavenly Father 



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