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Sir, What Happened To Captain Hook?

Sunday March 31, 2019

Sir, Yes Little One, What Happened To Captain Hook?  

After The Duel With Peter Pan, Peter Threw/Cast Hook And All The Pirates Over Board Into The Sea. No Way! Yes, Little One, Peter Did.  That Was Great, Your Majesty.  Then What Happened?  A Giant Crocodile Chased Them Away From The Ship And Even Chased Captain Hook Further Away And None Of His Pirates Cared To Save Or Help Him. Not Even His Own Pirates!!!

Little One, After The Great Duel I Had Long Ago With The Real Captain Hook On The Earth Just As Peter Pan Did In Never Never Land.  I Fought A Duel A Little Different.  I Fought From A Position Hung Up On A Cross With Nails In My Hands and Feet, And A Crown Of Thorns On My Head.  This Duel Between Me, Little One And The Real Captain Hook Looked Like I Was Defeated And That I Had Been Beaten.  But A Deep Magic Was At Work That Only I Knew About And Captain Hook Did Not.

I Took The PLACE OF EVERYONE TIED UP AND THAT WERE ON THE PLANK TO DIE!!!  I Stepped Up And Took The Place Of The INNOCENT ONES Such As Wendy, John, Michael And The Lost Boys.  I Would Bear Captain Hook’s Hate And Anger.

You Walked The PLANK Sir,  Yes, Little One I Did!!!  Did You Die?? Yes I Did!!  But You Are Here With Me, And You Are Real, Aren’t You??  Yes I Am Real, And I Am Here With You.  Sir, I Don’t Understand.  I Know, Little One.  That Is Enough For Today.  I Will Tell More Of This Part Of The Story Tomorrow.  Ok, Can We Talk About Something Nice, Like Wilber And The Garden?  Yes, We Can Little One.  Let’s Do Just That.

Your Heavenly Father.

One thought on “Sir, What Happened To Captain Hook?

  1. Dear Precious One, Thank You For Visiting And Reading. I Know Your Heart has Been Searching For Things That You Just Can’t Put Into Words, But It Knows Sort Of What It Is When It Finds It. The Subject matter Is Revelations, Personal Experiences, Reading and Learning With A Heart For Others, An Acknowledgement That When I Took Was Searching I Knew I Knew Nothing. Then When I Began The Long Road Of Finding, Studying, Reading, Learning I Began To Have The Experiences To Back up The Truths I Was Learning. Not All Pleasant Ones For Sure, But Necessary! Then, Many Times I had No Light, No understanding and I Had To pray and Wait For The Answers To Come. When They Came, They Came In Many Ways I That Were Unfamiliar To Me. For The Teacher Does Not Want Any Of Us To Be Always Searching, Looking Asking and Never Finding, Or Getting The Answers Our Hearts Need. So, Enjoy and Learn And Be At Peace For Your Heart Can Rest Now, It Has Found What It Has Been Searching For. Love Always And Forever Pastor Deborah

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