Thursday, March 04, 2021

One By One, They Were Captured!!!

Thursday March 21, 2019

Sir, Please Tell What Happened To Peter, Wendy And the Lost Boys?  Well, Once Captain Hook Found Out The Information He Needed ( Where Were Was Peter’s And The Lost Boys Hiding Place) He And His Pirates Set Off To Capture Them ALL!  Unknown To Peter, To Wendy, To The Lost Boys For They Did Not Know That Tinker Bell Had Been Captured And Held In A Lantern And Forced By Fear To Tell The Evil Captain Hook Where The Hiding Place Of Peter And The Lost Boys Was, The Hangman’s Tree.  

Well, Captain Hook And His Pirates Went Into Hiding And Waiting From The Lost Boys To COME UP OUT OF THEIR HIDING PLACE From Under The Hangman’s Tree.  Little One, I Want You To Know That I Had This Fairy Tale Written To Help All Humanity To Know The Evil Heart Of The Real Captain Hook Who Lives Spiritually In The Hidden Realm on The Earth,  Humanity Would Not Believe Any Of This About The Real Captain Hook And His Pirates For They Are Plugged Into The Matrix Of Never Never Land And Do Not Know The Truth, Nor Do They Want To Know The Truth. Truth Of This Nature Is Not PLEASANT TO THE HEART TO HEAR OR TO LEARN ABOUT.

But Don’t You Want Them To Know About The Real Captain Hook?  Yes, Little One, But The Truth Is Hidden Away From Them In My Many Stories I Have Had Written For Them.  Truth Must Be Desired, Sought, Searched Out Before One Is Ready To Hear, Be Shown And Then To Believe In.  

So, Little One, ONE BY ONE Captain Hook CAPTURED Wendy, John, Michael And Everyone Of The Lost Boys!  He Tied Them All Up And Took Them To His THRONE, HIS SHIP.  For In This Place, Captain Hook Was LORD, KING, THE RULER Of The Events Of Never Never Land and Now HE WOULD HAVE IS WISH, DESTROY THE LOST BOYS FOREVER And ALL HIS FRIENDS!!!

Sir, Yes, Don’t Tell Me Any More Today.  My Heart Is Hurting, My Stomach Hurts and I Can’t Stand To Hear Anymore.  Rest, Little One.  But Know This, Truth Can Be Painful And Not Something A Little One Wants To Hear But You Must For In Knowing The Truth You Are Better Prepared And This Real Captain Hook Can Not Hide His Plans For You And Others Anymore In The Darkness, In His Mist Of Shadows.  This Is Just How Light Is When It Shines In One’s Darkened Heart, Sometimes It Shines On Areas Of Deep Ignorance And Unbelief, Of Doubt and Fear.  But, Light Then Will Replace These With Unknown Strengths, Courage, Faith, Love For All, Joy In Agape Love’s Victory.  

Rest Now Little One And Sleep.  For I Will Stand Watch All Night For You.

The Heavenly Father

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