Thursday, March 04, 2021

Little One, Yes Sir, Be Aware Of Captian Hook And His Pirates!

Thursday March 7, 2019

Little One, Yes Sir, When You Are Out And About In The Kingdom of Darkness on Earth, In Captain Hook’s Never Never Land Be Aware He Is Always Out And About. In The Book Peter Pan, When Peter And Wendy Went To Visit and Fellowship With Some Mermaids, They Look Out Of The Lagoon And Saw The Indian Chief’s Precious Daughter, Tiger Lily In Captain Hook’s  Small Boat.  He Was Kidnapping Her, She Was Tied Up And Being Taken To Captain’s Hook Ship.  Why, Your Majesty I Haven’t Read The Book Read Because I Don’t Even Know How To Read Yet.

Captain Hook Wanted Tiger Lily Demanding Her To Tell Him The Secret Hiding Place Of Peter Pan!!!!!  But Tiger Lily Wouldn’t Tell Him!  You See Little One, Captain Hook HATED PETER PAN And Wanted To Get Rid Of Him Out of WHAT HE THOUGHT, BELEIVED AND WANTED Was HIS NEVER NEVER LAND!

You Need To Be Aware Of The REAL CAPTIAN HOOK that CLAIMS, REIGNS OVER, AND WANTS ALL THE EARTH To Be His Alone.  I And My Agape Love Are Sort Of Like The Presence Of Peter Pan.  Captain Hook HATES PETER And Wants To Kill Him, Get Rid Of Him OUT OF WHAT HE THINKS IS HIS, Never Never Land.

So, I Want You To Be Aware Little One, That A REAL, BUT HIDDEN IN A SPELL OF CONCEALMENT IS ALIVE AND LIVING ON THE EARTH, Defending His HIDDEN SPIRITUAL KINGDOM TO ALL.  But He Forgets I Can Even In The Darkness and I Know All Things And Can See The What Has Not Yet Happened, But Is Coming.

Be Aware Little One, I Will Be With You If You Ask Me To Go With You Into This Never Never Land.  Sir, I Am Not Going To Be THERE WITHOUT YOU EVER!

Your Loving Heavenly Father

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