Thursday, March 04, 2021

There Is A Spell Of Concealment On The Nations, On The People!

Sunday March 3, 2019

Little One, I Want To Tell You That The Multitudes Of Nations Have Had A SPELL OF CONCEALMENT Placed On Their Hearts and Over Their Eyes.  What Are You Talking About, Your Majesty?  Little One, When A Spell Of Concealment Has Been Placed Over Nations and Their People’s Hearts, They Cannot See What Is Really Hidden Behind The Affairs Of Humanity.  When A Spiritual Heart And It’s Eyes Are Blinded By A Spell/Words Of Darkness, Blindness, A Spiritual Heart Has No Truth, No Spiritual Concepts Of What Is Really Going On Around Them, In Them, To Them And What They Are Doing To Others. 

Your Majesty, Yes Little One, Are You Talking To Me While I Am Sleeping?  Yes, Little One.  I Am Speaking To Your Spirit, You Call Them Dreams, I Call Them Dark Visions Of The Night.  Why Are You Talking To Me This Way?  Little One, Your Soul Was Very Sad at the News About There Being A Real Captain Hook And His Pirates Of Never Never Land That Reside On The Earth, In The Realm of The Spirit That Is Trying To Hang On To It’s Control Of People, Nations, Resources, And Take My Place As King And Creator.  So, While That Part Of You Is Resting, Sleeping I Am Talking To You, The Spiritual Person.  I Am Spiritually Revealing A Deep Truth To Your Spirit That When You Wake Up From Your Rest, We Can Talk About.  Ok?  Ok.

You Don’t Sleep Do You, Your Majesty?  No Little One, I Don’t. 

Ok, Sir, I Know I Have A Lot To Learn And You Are Helping Me Even When One Part Of Me Is Resting.  Yes, Little One, I Am Always Working, Teaching My Little Ones Truths That Are Necessary To Bring Freedom And Healing To Their 3 Part System, So That Then They And I Can Help Others To Be Free Of The Darkness Of Ignorance.

Sleep Now, Little One, I Will Stand The Night Watch For You.

Your Heavenly Father.

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