Thursday, March 04, 2021

Help Was Coming, And Captain Hook Didn’t Even Notice!

Thursday March 28, 2019

Sir, Sir What Happened To Wendy And The Lost Boys??  Did Captain Hook Make Them Walk The Plank??  Did They Die??  Well, Little One Something Wonderful Happened.  What, What?  Tinker Bell ESCAPED FROM THE LANTERN She Was Being Held Captive In. Did Anyone See Her??  No Little One.  I Blinded Captain Hook’s Eyes So He Could Not See Her.  I Wanted All My Precious Children To Learn From This Story, That I Too Will Blind The Real Captain Hook As Needed To Rescue My Lost Ones.  My Eyes Are Always Watching Over The Lives Of All Humanity.  I Have Many Eyes Through My Angels.  I Am Always Aware of All The Activities Of Captain Hook on The Earth.  

What Did Tinker Bell Do?  Little One, She Flew Off to Find Peter And Tell Him.  Did She Find Peter?  Yes And He Came To Rescue His Friends. Peter Was Willing To Fight Again With This Captain Hook For His Friends.  Remember they Were Tied Up with Ropes and were held captive.  They Could Not fight at all.  This Is What I Want You To Know Little One, That Just As Wendy, John, Michael And All The Lost Boys Were – Tied Up, Being Held Captive Against Their Will And Very Fearful, That Is The Spiritual Condition Of All On The Earth Who Are Still Held In The Ropes Of Darkness and Ignorance About Me, About My Agape Love And The Freedom I have For Them.

But Just As Peter Went And Did Battle Against Captain Hook, I too Have Dueled With The Real Captain Hook.  You Did, Sir?  Yes, Little One. It Didn’t Look Like A Fight, And It Didn’t Look Like I Won, But I Did!!  The Battle I Fought To Free All Humanity Was Fought LONG AGO ON A CROSS, But IT HAD ALREADY BEEN FINISHED Even Before I Stepped Out Of My Closet And Created Creation.  I Was Already The Victor Of The Captain Hook Who Would Be Sent To The Earth.  I too Had To Fight For Those Who I Called Friends, Who I Loved.  I Sent My Own Self Into The World on The Earth As Peter Went To Battle Captain Hook, I Came And Did Battle Against The Real Captain Hook That was and still is on The earth.  You didn’t get Hurt Did You?  Yes, Little One I Did.  I Had To Get Hurt Really Really Bad.  I Had To Take All Of Humanity’s Place On The Plank And Die!!!  But Your Not Dead, I Am Talking To You.  Yes, I Know.  But, I Made A Deal With Hook ME FOR THEM And He Didn’t Know That Deep Deep Magic Ruled This Offer And That By Offering Myself For Others, I WOULD NOT STAY DEAD, BUT THE DEEP MAGIC WOULD BRING ME BACK TO LIFE Stronger, More Powerful And Never Able To Die Again.  

Sir,  This Is Just Too Much.  Can We Sit For Awhile, I Want To Think About This.  Ok, Little One. Let’s Sit.  Hear Have A Drink Of My Living Sparkling Water. It Will Refresh You.  Thank You Sir.

The Heavenly Father

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