Sunday, July 05, 2020

Near Unto You, Even Now

Friday November 23, 2018′


Now after that ( Of Jesus being in the wilderness for 40 days and tempted by Satan himself,) John ( The Baptist, the Voice in The Wilderness ) was put in prison, and Jesus came into Galilee, Preaching/Proclaiming/Demonstrating/Manifesting/Revealing/Showing Forth The Good News of The Kingdom of Heaven/God.  Saying,  ” The Time Is Fulfilled, and the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF GOD/HEAVEN is at HAND/HERE NOW/NEAR UNTO ALL;  Repent/Change your thinking/believing/thoughts/hearts/minds and souls, and BELIEVE the Gospel/The Good News Of This/The Kingdom/The Government/The Authority & Dominion of Heaven Is Back On The Earth, NOW and I am Proclaiming/decreeing this Good News to you/Revealing It to you/Demonstrating It To you, that WHAT YOU LOST HAS RETURNED – Your Home Country, Heaven and It’s Governor- The Holy Spirit and It’s Government/Rulership/Dominion/Authority on Earth and over all the things of Spirit and Earth, So REJOICE AND BELEIVE and COME and SEE IT AT WORK, For It Is Near Unto You Even Now.  COME AND SEE.

Pastor Deborah

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