Sunday, July 05, 2020

I Have Surely Seen

November 26, 2018


And The Lord God said unto Moses at the Burning Bush,  ” I have surely seen the Spiritual Affliction of My People which are in Bondage and Oppressed which are in Spiritual Egypt, and I Have Heard their CRY by reason of their spiritual, soulish and physical Taskmasters; for I know their SORROWS.  And I, The Lord God AM COME DOWN to Spiritually, and in their Soul and Physically DELIVER them out of the HAND of The Egyptians, and to Spiritually Bring them up out of that Land of Affliction and Darkness, Of Oppression and Bondage UNTO A GOOD SPIRITUAL LAND/KINGDOM and a Large One that is Eternally with Milk ( Agape Love ), and Honey (Power);  Exodus 3: 7-8  Authorized King James Version

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