Sunday, July 05, 2020

Come And Drink Freely

Sunday November 25, 2018

Ho, Everyone that THIRSTS, COME YOU to the Living Waters, and you that have NO MONEY;  Come you, Buy, and Eat and Drink;  Yes, Come You.  Buy Wine and Milk WITHOUT money and WITHOUT price.  Wherefore Do you spend money for THAT which IS NOT BREAD??  and You labor/work hard for THAT WHICH SATISFYS NOT???  Hearken/listen/pay Close Attention, Diligently Listen To Me/The Most High God/The Heavenly Father Who Sent My Son, Your King/The Word Made Flesh to the world on the earth and EAT you That ( food and drink ) WHICH IS GOOD, and Let your SOUL ( Your outer man) delight itself in Fatness/Fullness/Overflowing of Living Water, Wine, Milk, Bread which is from Me and that will spiritually satisfy You and Your Soul.  Incline your ear and Come Unto Me ( The King/The Word of God ), hear and your Soul shall LIVE and I -The Most High God will make an Everlasting Covenant/a legal contract with you, one that has even the SURE MERCIES OF DAVID.

Isaiah 55:  1-3   Authorized King James Version

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