Sunday, July 05, 2020

A Crown of Glory

November 22, 2018


You Who Are Seeking and Searching, You Who Are of A Broken and Wounded Heart Shall Become a CROWN OF GLORY in the Hand of The Lord, and a ROYAL Diadem ( Headband ) In the Hand of God.  You Precious One, SHALL NO MORE BE CALLED FORSAKEN:  Neither SHALL YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL/Your Land any MORE be Named/called DESOLATE/BARREN/WITHOUT/A WILDERNESS/A DRY DESERT, but instead called, HEPHZIPAH/My, The Lord Most High’s Delight, and your SPIRIT AND SOUL, BEULAH/Married/One Spiritually With Me/Intimate With Me/One With Agape Love BECAUSE THE LORD DELIGHTS In You, Who He Desires For You To Become – A Healthy, Delivered, Healed and Full of Agape Love in one’s Spirit and Soul.  Isaiah 62: 3 – 4 


Rejoice This Day, For He Is Spiritually Reaching Out to All This Day With Hands of Agape Love and A Heart Full of Compassion & Mercy and Hope and Life.

Pastor Deborah

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